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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Creating a Ladybug party

With Ruari's 2nd birthday quickly approaching, I am well into the chaotic party planning. I've made lists (and sub lists) and know exactly what needs to be done before the big day. Now I am throwing myself into the actual act of getting things done. First on the list has been to come up with the PERFECT invitation. Now granted I have seen a few cute ones on the Internet I was hell bent on making them myself. So I did a search for some ideas and found a few that I took ideas from. I can not claim this as my own design, however I did make them myself with a few customizations.

I have also been working on some of the decorations. Little hand painted ladybugs. These little cuties were made out of styrofoam balls, paint, googly eye, and pipe cleaner. Simple as that. HOWEVER simple in theory doesn't always mean simple in practice. I spent 2 hours and only finished 6. I still have about a dozen to go. The idea is to use them to sit on the tables, though that may not be the final use for them. Not too shabby for items made solely from items found at my local Dollar Store, eh? I still have a ton to do and create and I'll post more as I get it done. For now check out the photos of the invites and decorations:


  1. Sophie12:06 pm

    Nice to see you getting creative and blogging again. It's been a long time. btw any idea what heppened to Amy's blog?

  2. Love them!! As creative as always!!

  3. Oh sweetie...I have had no idea you were so ill. I am truly an awful friend aren't I? Bless your heart... hey! I am on Facebook too so *friend* me (Sue Groseclose Combs) and we can catch up more okay??

    These invites are so creatove and adorable! How can she already be 2!! Your children are so precious...

    Love to you all,

  4. Your back! Where on earth have you been. I couldnt bring myself to remove yo ufrom my blogroll even though I am not blogging myc these days I am still reading! Can't wait to hear whats kept you away from us.

  5. oh my CA-YUTE are those invites!! i can't wait to see the party and all the details :)

  6. This is brilliant! Can you post how you made them? I'd like to steal them for my little one's birthday this summer.

  7. so crafty u are awesome :D


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